oct 2017

quentin and I will be playing some shows in japan in october!  go here for more details.

sep 2017

I am working feverishly on 2 projects for completion by the end of the year  ‘the indestructibility of the already felled’ which will be a duo record with quentin sirjacq (recording that in tokyo in october...) and ‘what matters most’ with dag rosenqvist and emanuele errante.  the record with dag and emanuele is nearly ready, its soooooo good.  but we are all three obsessing like nuts about each nano second of it.  it will hopefully be worth the time its taken:-)

april 2017

wintersong is now available on cd, with a lovely coloured 180gram mottled grey vinyl version too!....for more details go here or to schole

I have 2 copies signed for the first 2 people to email me!