april 2017

quentin and I will be playing some shows in portugal this may, and japan in october!  go here for more details.

april 2017

wintersong is now available on cd, with a lovely coloured 180gram mottled grey vinyl version too!....for more details go here or to schole

I have 2 copies signed for the first 2 people to email me!

june 2016

‘ the sea is never full’ will be released on lovely transparent vinyl (and also cd and download) by karaoke kalk on 23.09.16, this record has been three years in the making with our japanese friends, vampillia.  I must say david and I are super happy with this.  for more details go here

for a video teaser, go here

now that one is ready, david and I are now feverishly working with dag rosenqvist, emanuele errante and machinefabriek on the next project, which is called “the indestructibility of the already felled”, for more details, go here

I am also starting to record a project with the marvellous chantal acda....news when I have it!